Welcome to The Gardens at Malmaison, a one-of-a-kind dining destination and event venue in historic St. Albans.

Perfect for a family dinner, romantic occasion, private party, corporate event or wedding, The Gardens at Malmaison is a dining retreat where you can enjoy an exceptional meal among picturesque scenery.

At The Gardens at Malmaison we believe in lingering during mealtime. To enhance your dining experience, we invite all guests to stroll through our gardens and manicured grounds and enjoy this unparalleled atmosphere.

The St. Albans area, located close to the Missouri River, has historically been a gathering spot. Nearby is Tavern Rock, a sandstone bluff and cave that was well known to the Indians, French and Spanish traders.

As described by Lewis and Clark in 1804:
“. . . a large cave called by the French the Tavern - about 120 feet wide 40 feet deep & 20 feet high. Many different immages are painted on the rock. At this place the Ind. & French pay omage. Many names are wrote on the rock. Stoped about one mile above for Capt. Lewis who had assended the clifts which is at the said cave 300 feet high, hanging over the waters. Capt. Lewis near falling from the pinecles of rocks 300 feet. He caught at 20 foot. Saved himself by the assistance of his knife...” (Jones 2000, 2-3)

Originally built in 1843 as a barn, our building was transformed and expanded in 1928 by Irene Johnson, who renamed it “The Old Barn Inn.” Slightly more than 60 years and an ownership change later, the building was once again enhanced, this time with a name change.

Inspired by the name of Napoleon and Josephine's French country estate, the restaurant's new owners called it “Malmaison.” Reopened in May of 2004 as The Gardens at Malmaison, we welcome you to the fruits of over 160 years of diligence and fine dining.

In 2006, Datra Herzog also purchased The Studio Inn at St. Albans, an additional event venue nestled on a hillside overlooking the Missouri River and The St. Albans Valley.

The Studio Inn at St. Albans is the perfect choice for your special event. The charming and historic mansion is an excellent choice for weddings and receptions, corporate retreats and private parties.

The Studio Inn at St. Albans is an event venue rich with history and tradition. In 1804, St. Albans was a stopping point for the famed explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, and also served as a rest stop for paddle wheelers. Many of the settlers were German farmers that found St. Albans reminiscent of the countryside they had left behind. In the early 1900s, Oscar Johnson, one of the co-founders of International Shoe Company, purchased most of the land around St. Albans. The Studio, or The Chateau as it was known, was the summer home of Irene Walter Johnson. The renowned architect, Theodore Link, who designed St. Louis Union Station, was commissioned to build the Johnson mansion that was worthy to reside in the rolling, majestic hills of St. Albans.